17-May-24Im Schwarzwald
One of our members, Matthew Wren, has composed an orchestral musical piece which was performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, conducted by Péter Illényi. Don’t miss the chance to listen to and buy this soaring and evocative music. Link
16-May-24Autism & OCD
Autism is the Arena and OCD is the Lion’: Autistic adults’ experiences of co-occurring obsessive-compulsive disorder and repetitive restricted behaviors and interests.

8-May-24Health Conditions & Autism
Diagnosis of common health conditions among autistic adults in the UK: evidence from a matched cohort study.

30-Apr-24 Black Mental Health and Wellbeing Alliance
The Black Mental Health and Wellbeing Alliance is a collective of individuals with lived experience and grassroots organisations in the mental health sector, with a primary focus on tackling racial inequalities that disproportionately impact Black people. You can read their manifesto here: Link
30-Apr-24PIP consultation
The Government are planning to make changes to PIP payments. This is your opportunity to have your say.
28-Apr-24Supermarkets help autistic people
The University of Reading has launched a guide offering six principles to make shopping more autism-friendly, such as reducing background music and providing designated quiet areas.
25-Apr-24Autism misdiagnoses
Autism – The tragedy of the missed and misdiagnosed. Interesting blog
25-Apr-24Misdiagnosis Monday: ADHD vs Autism
Understanding of the genetic and phenotypic (characteristic expression) overlap of ADHD/Autism is relatively new. Until recently, if a patient presented with symptoms of both conditions, the clinician had to choose which diagnosis fits best. Read more … Link
23-Apr-24Daily activities of autistic adults
It is crucial to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the types of daily activities autistic adults typically engage in. However, previous research has almost exclusively focused on vocational or education activities. Read more … Link
20-Apr-24Autistic experiences of menopause and midlife
Previous research indicates that menopause can be an extremely difficult transition for some autistic people. This study asks how autistic people experience menopause and how they can better access services, support and information. Read more … Link
12-Apr-24Autism & Hoarding
Hoarding is a psychological condition affecting 2% of the world’s population.[1] Hoarding is characterized by having an intense need to hold onto one’s possessions and being unable to determine how those items are useful in relation to yourself. Read more … Link
11-Apr-24MPs debate Personal Independence Payment
MPs held a debate on Personal Independence Payment and other disability benefits on Tuesday 26 March in Westminster Hall. The debate was led by Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi MP. You can watch the debate here: Link or you can read the transcript here: Link
10-Apr-24Position Statement on ABA
The European Council of Autistic People is an umbrella organisation for autistic-led national and regional organisations in Europe.
Position Statement on the use of Applied Behavior Analysis and related behavioral methods in the context of treatment, therapy, habilitation or education for autistic people
5-Apr-24 Autistic adults misdiagnosed with psychiatric
Perceived misdiagnosis of psychiatric conditions in autistic adults.
New Paper: 1-4 autistic adults (1-3 autistic women) reported at least one psychiatric diagnosis, prior to being diagnosed with autism, that was perceived as a misdiagnosis.
5-Apr-24Relationship Guide
Helping autistic people recognize unhealthy relationships.
4-Apr-24Six ideas how to address the autism mental health
Six ideas about how to address the autism mental health crisis.
The autism mental health crisis can be described with the following paradox: autistic people have a high chance of developing mental health problems but a low chance of receiving effective help. In this editorial, The authors outline the mental health challenges that autistic people experience under current systems of care and share some ideas about how clinicians, researchers and members of the autism community can work together to address this situation. Link
4-Apr-24NHS faces avalanche of demand for autism services
Nuffield Trust says system for treatment is ‘obsolete’ as number of patients in England awaiting assessment hits record high Link
25-Mar-24Disability & Neurodiversity
The Best Universities For Disability & Neurodiversity
13-Mar-24 Neurodiversity concept was developed collectively
The neurodiversity concept was developed collectively: An overdue correction on the origins of neurodiversity theory:
An international group of autistic scholars of autism and neurodiversity, discuss recent findings on the origins of the concept and theorizing of neurodiversity.
13-Mar-24Serious Games for Developing Social Skills
Serious Games for Developing Social Skills in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review:
8-Mar-24Autism Through Cinema
Autism Through Cinema was a five-year collaborative investigation into the relationships between neurodivergent thinking and cinematic creation.
5-Mar-24The Autistix
How many of you are familiar with a band called The Autistix. They are a rock band from London formed in 2010 whose sound is unique, as well as having two band members with autism. You can find our more (and listen to their music) on their website Link
5-Mar-24British Sign Language (BSL) Cafes
One of our members who is deaf has set up events in Aylesbury and Beaconsfield for those interested in improving their BSL skills to meet new people in a relaxed and welcoming environment. More information here Link and here Link
5-Mar-24Radical differences in Autism Diagnosis
Landmark research suggests people have an 85% chance of positive assessment at some centres in England and 35% in others. Take a look at this Guardian article: Link
29-Feb-24The Buckland Review of Autism Employment:
The Buckland Review of Autism Employment: report and recommendations
10-Feb-24What are the autism research priorities of autisti
Studies investigating autistic community research priorities indicate a mismatch between what autism research focuses on and what autistic people want to see researched. Furthermore, there has not been a research priority-setting exercise specifically with autistic people in Scotland, where there are unique cultural, political and social contexts.
8-Feb-24Borderline Personality
Borderline Personality as a Factor in Late, Missed, and Mis-Diagnosis in Autistic Girls and Women: A Conceptual Analysis.
For autistic girls and women, the journey to an autism diagnosis may include one or more misdiagnoses. Misdiagnosis with borderline personality disorder (BPD) or borderline traits may be particularly common, and characteristics often observed in autistic girls and women may contribute specifically to a risk of misdiagnosis with BPD. This review draws from a burgeoning literature on autism in girls and women to provide a detailed discussion of differential diagnosis of BPD and autism in cisgender girls/women, with a focus on phenotypic traits and/or their presentation that may be more common in autistic girls/women and that may be particularly prone to miscategorization as BPD. Distinctions between autism and BPD are identified, emphasizing the need for scrutiny of an individual’s clinical presentation to tease apart differences between the autism and BPD phenotypes. Link
5-Feb-24Autism spectrum disorder diagnosis across cultures
Autism spectrum disorder diagnosis across cultures: Are diagnoses equivalent?

26-Jan-24To disclose, or not to disclose?
Warda Farah examines four key aspects of a difficult question faced by many Neurodivergent individuals: whether or not to disclose their diagnoses at their place of work.
25-Jan-24Autism and Empathy
An Expert Discussion on Autism and Empathy
Moderator: Christina Nicolaidis, Participants: Damian Milton, Noah J. Sasson, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Sheppard, and Melanie Yergeau
19-Jan-24Neurodiversity in Employment
Autistica want to work with companies that value neurodiverse teams. They have a unique research-led approach, providing high-quality information and tools to help you to recruit and support the best diverse talent. Link
12-Jan-24Autism and Relationships
Please take a look at 2 new resources we’ve added to our section on Resources & Useful Links covering Autism and Relationships. Link
10-Jan-24Family Trauma: A Broken Care System
The University of Kent’s Tizard Centre has been collaborating with the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, which provides support to families who have relatives with severe learning disabilities. They carried out research and explore how to navigate a broken care system. Link
1-Dec-23What’s in a name?
What’s in a name? The costs and benefits of a formal autism diagnosis by Sue Fletcher-Watson.

This work presumes that a formal diagnosis is a desirable outcome – for those who meet the existing clinical criteria for what constitutes ‘autistic’. However, another key question exists, which is whether an autism diagnosis is always and entirely beneficial. Link