24-Oct-23Access to employment:
Study on, Access to employment: A comparison of autistic, neurodivergent and neurotypical adults’ experiences of hiring processes in the United Kingdom.
23-Oct-23Podcast on Autism & Ageing
Aging and Autism:
A Discussion with Christine Jenkins,
Autistic Advocate Link
22-Sep-23Chronic physical health conditions
Increased rates of chronic physical health conditions across all organ systems in autistic adolescents and adults.
This study aims to determine, first, whether autistic people experience greater levels of non-communicable health conditions and second, whether these are explained by differences in demographics (i.e. sex, country of residence, ethnicity, education level), alcohol use, smoking, body mass index (BMI), or family history of medical conditions.
22-Sep-23Eye care and autism
How eye care professionals can improve the experience of autistic patients. Our Trustee Denise talks about how eye care can be improved.

7-Sep-23Reviews of PIP and ESA Awards
Parliament debated the petition: “End reviews of PIP and ESA awards for people with lifelong illnesses”. You can watch the debate here: Link Or you can read the transcript here: Link
5-Aug-23Post diagnosis Podcast
Sarah O’Brien talks about her experience post diagnosis. Learning about an autism diagnosis and making sense of what that diagnosis means personally, can feel like an overwhelming task for lots of autistic people.

24-Jul-23Maybe No One Knows We Need Help?
“Maybe NO One Knows We Need Help?”: Understanding the experiences of Autistic Working Mothers in Australia.

Although there are no known studies investigating autistic working mothers, research has demonstrated that managing employment and motherhood in non-autistic populations has specific challenges, as does employment in autistic populations. This autistic-led study aimed at investigating the experience of autistic working mothers to identify benefits, challenges, and support needs. Link
13-Jul-23Dropping the mask: It Takes two.
In some situations, autistic people feel pressure to change their social behaviour by camouflaging. In other situations, autistic people feel they don’t need to change their social behaviour. Instead, they feel they can socialise in ways that feel authentic or true to themselves. Past research has tended to focus on autistic people’s experiences of camouflaging rather than their experiences of authenticity. In this study, we asked autistic people what it is like for them when they can socialise in ways that feel authentic or true to themselves. Link
19-Jun-23Examining a model of anxiety in adults
Anxiety disorders commonly occur in autism. Existing studies implicate intolerance of uncertainty, alexithymia, sensory processing differences and emotion regulation difficulties as influencing factors of anxiety in autism. To date, a few studies have considered the combination of these factors within the same sample. This study used structural equation modelling to test the prediction that intolerance of uncertainty and emotion regulation constitute more direct causes of anxiety in autism that mediate the influences of sensory processing difference and alexithymia as more sequential contributing factors. Autistic (n = 86) and non-autistic adults (n = 100) completed a battery of self-report questionnaires.
14-Jun-23Interview with Terry
Autism Bucks has just published the latest awareness video on YouTube. It’s an interview with one of our members who received his diagnosis late in life, and many people will see parallels with their own experience. Link
9-Feb-23The Diagnosis Gap for Women & Girls with Autism
Aged 39, Holly Smale was a successful author – the creator of the bestselling series of children’s books, Geek Girl. One afternoon, while talking to her therapist, Holly breaks down, says she feels broken. And so begins her journey to understand why she’s always felt different to other people. Listen here: Link
21-Sep-22Annual Reports 2021-22
The Trustees Annual Report and the Financial Examiner’s Report on the Charity for the financial year 2021-22 are available to view here: Link