About our meetings

We currently hold 2 group meetings with the Members, either by Zoom or a mixture of Zoom and face-to-face. The face-to-face meetings are held in either Aylesbury or Amersham.

Meetings are every month:

  • 2nd Wed: Zoom meeting 6:30 – 8:00pm
  • 4th Wed: Face-to-face meeting 6.30 – 8:30pm

We meet and share our experiences, successes and frustrations. Sometimes we will talk about a particular aspect of autism, or current affairs. Occasionally we will have guest speakers, or will go on an organised visit – for example, we went on an autism-friendly tour of the Paralympic Museum.

When we meet there are usually one or more trustees or volunteers who facilitate the meeting and provide moderation where required.

You have the option to..

  • Just sit and listen
  • Make suggestions as to what you want from the group
  • Engage in activities, if you wish to

Ground Rules

Social Group Guidelines: For our social meetings we have adopted the following code of conduct. It has been developed through consultation with our members. Guidelines.

Member Feedback

“The group was one place where I felt like I did belong and was understood. Overtime this has helped enormously in getting to grips with my diagnosis – what it means and doesn’t mean – and taking steps towards accepting myself as I am”

“…of the various groups I have joined over the years, it is the first one where I have developed solid friendships with people who I now see outside of group activities”

“There is very little support for autistic adults locally, so these groups are a real lifeline for me and, I am sure, many of the others who attend”

“It’s nice to be in an environment where you’re able to be yourself and people feel able to talk openly, without pressure to mask to fit in. I still felt tired afterwards, but not to the same degree as after other recent events.”

After discovering autism in myself I came to this group to learn more. As a whole they have been very supportive in their support of autistic adults in Buckinghamshire and I have met many people in the group that I can relate to. I can see pieces of my own self in them and unlike other social groups , Autism Bucks doesn’t mind my quirks and difference in social situations.

I know I have only been on three meetings but I really feel like I have found a group of people I feel at home with.

New Member Application Form

(Note: we are delighted to welcome carers of autistic children as Members, but please be aware that our Member meetings and activities are not suitable for children. Visit our Resources & Useful Links page where we have a section dedicted to services for children)