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We meet and share our experiences, successes and frustrations. Sometimes we will talk about a particular aspect of autism, or current affairs. Occasionally we will have guest speakers, or will go on an organised visit.

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Upcoming Events

24-Jul-24  -  Boat Trip

Please keep this evening free for our boat trip on the Grand Union canal

17-Aug-24  -  Model Railway

To those of you who enjoyed our visit to the model railway near High Wycombe in 2023 ... it\'s happening again in 2024. Invitations to follow.

28-Aug-24  -  Animal Antiks

Some of you may remember our visit to this wonderful farm in 2022. We will be returning this year to meet the alpacas and any new animals that have arrived in the interim. This will be a daytime event.

25-Sep-24  -  Go-karting

To all you petrolheads out there, our 2024 Formula Go-kart will happen this evening. Invitations to follow.

Latest Autism News

Utterly Overwhelming   (17-Jul-24)

“Utterly Overwhelming”—A Mixed-Methods Exploration of Sensory Processing Differences and Mental Health Experiences in Middle-Aged and Older Autistic Adults. Link

Diagnoses with a stool sample    (11-Jul-24)

Autism could be diagnosed with stool sample, Scientist say. Link

Game Changer   (8-Jul-24)

Game Changer: Exploring the Role of Board Games in the Lives of Autistic People: This mixed methods paper reports findings from three studies examining the overlap between autism and hobbyist board gaming. Link

NEST Toolkit   (24-Jun-24)

NEST (NEurodivergent peer Support Toolkit) is a suite of materials to facilitate peer support for neurodivergent young people in mainstream secondary schools. The toolkit has been co-created by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, neurodivergent young people and a neurodiverse group of adults who work with neurodivergent young people. Link

Autism in Black Girls    (14-Jun-24)

Blog by Warda Farah from Autistic Girls Network on Autism in Black Girls. Link

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Autism is a long journey of learning and understanding. Meet our members and hear their stories. We promise you will be amazed by the diverse spectrum of Autism.


Autism Bucks has no paid staff – everything we’ve achieved is through the time given freely by the Trustees and Volunteers. 

We are looking for people who are dependable, giving with their time, and empathetic and understanding of Autism. 

All we ask is that you join our meetings and social activities, ready to help if the need arises. This could include anything from setting up the venue, making cups of tea, or simply talking to our members; Trustees from Autism Bucks will always be there to guide you and support you.

Learn about Autism

Autism is called a spectrum condition because it affects people in different ways and to different degrees.

Resources & Useful Links

We have put together a list ofAutism resources under Support & Advice, Social & Activities, Education & Employment and Children.

Frequently Asked Questions

From the people who have visited this website, we have have listed all their Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers).

Autism Awareness Programme

Autism Bucks aims to develop a range of varied and accessible awareness and training resources, created and delivered by autistic people and/or parent/carers of autistic people.

This video is an interview with Gary Freeman, an independent SEND Consultant and advocate.

More videos are available on our YouTube channel.

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Autism and My Experience


Books on Autism

Books on Autism and its associated conditions that have been recommended by our Members.

Assistance Cards

There are many (perhaps too many) assistance cards available for Autistic people.   Here are some of them.

Neurodiversity Passports

‘Neurodiversity Passports’ are a resource for autistic people who might need hospital treatment.

About Us

Autism Bucks was founded in 2018 by a small group of like-minded people passionate about Autism. In 2019 Autism Bucks gained charity status and as such operates within its constitution and in line with the guidelines and regulations set out by the Charity Commission.

Autism Bucks is led by a board of trustees and its work supported by a team of volunteers. Its membership is made up of autistic adults, carers and family members and professionals with an interest in autism.

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