Autism Bucks was founded in 2018 by a small group of like-minded people passionate about Autism. In 2019 Autism Bucks gained charity status and as such operates within its constitution and in line with the guidelines and regulations set out by the Charity Commission.

Autism Bucks is led by a board of trustees and its work supported by a team of volunteers. Its membership is made up of autistic adults, carers and family members and professionals with an interest in autism.

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Trustee Meetings and AGM

The board of trustees meet monthly to monitor and direct the activities of the charity. The members are canvassed on a regular basis so that their needs and views are captured and used in shaping the work of the charity to better support them and the wider community.

All major decisions are made in accordance with our constitution and agreed by vote at the trustee meetings and any changes in constitution are presented and agreed at the AGM by a show of hands by those present. The AGM is held in the summer each year with members attending.

A copy of the reports and accounts presented at the last AGM:

Autism Bucks AGM Report 2022: [Read Here]

Autism Bucks AGM Minutes 2022: [Read Here]

Autism Bucks Examiners Report 2022 : [Read Here]

Quarterly Bulletins

The Autism Bucks quarterly bulletins are provided to inform our trustees, volunteers and sponsors of the activities, performance and plans of the charity in its aim to support autistic adults living in Buckinghamshire. The current and all back issues are available here

Note: These bulletins have now been replaced by regular Newsletters to members, volunteers and trustees.

Governance Model

Our governance model includes a hierarchy of components:

  • The Autism Bucks Charity Constitution
  • The Charity Governance Code for Smaller Charities

And a range of policies, including:

  • Data Protection
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Complaints
  • Confidentiality
  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Child Protection

A full list and copies of the policies are available on request.

Meet The Trustees

Martin Hollett


I became a trustee of Autism Bucks early in 2018 after taking early retirement and have since been involved in governance documentation and procedures, fundraising and grant applications, website administration and communications. I have been the Treasurer since January 2020 and I am enjoying the challenges of this new role. Prior to joining Autism Bucks I worked in IT, more recently in service governance and business management processes. I also continue to be involved in a variety of community organisations with an emphasis on event and risk management, and charitable fundraising activities.

Denise Leonard


I am an optometrist working in the hospital eye service and have a special interest in children and adults with SEN. I became a trustee for Autism Bucks in the last couple of months and since then I have become more aware of the excellent work they do in supporting autistic people, their family and carers and those involved and working with autstic people. Having a child with autism and pathological demand avoidance I am very aware of the challenges families and individuals face when they first get their diagnosis, navigating the education system and managing life at home and I hope to bring this knowledge to help the charity continue their good work.

Neil Cary


I joined the Board of Trustees in July 2021 as the Digital Lead with responsibility for our website and other social media. I’ve spent most of my career in telecommunications, delivering large business transformation programmes in many parts of the world. In September I was honoured to be offered the role of Chair. This excellent charity is an example of how a few dedicated people can help change the lives of many, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Paula Strawbridge


I am a Registered Learning Disability Nurse and have worked in the Community in Buckinghamshire for over 30 years. Since semi-retirement I have continued to work with the Community Learning Disability Team and as a Clinical Expert for Care and Treatment Reviews for autistic people and people with learning disabilities that are in hospital environments. I am passionate about supporting people to ensure they are able to access the best and most appropriate support in their communities.

Paulette Hunn

Med(autism), BSc (Health & Social Care)

I have worked within health and social for over 30 years, in a range of environments such as residential care, supported living, day care and the community. In this time, I have worked with autistic adults for 20 years. I am passionate about raising awareness of autism and learning from autistic adults about their condition, as I believe you can never be an expert on autism. I’m a fun loving, compassionate person and I enjoy giving my time and energy to help autistic adults.

Anup Jadhav


I am a software engineer and cloud architect by trade and my interest in autism stems from being a parent of an autistic child. I am familiar with the challenges the children and their families face navigating the education and support system. I am honoured to be part of this wonderful charity as a trustee, and I hope to offer my time and knowledge to help Autism Bucks continue their work. I’m proud to be a part of it.