Autism Bucks aims to develop a range of varied and accessible awareness and training resources, created and delivered by autistic people and/or parent/carers of autistic people. Programmes will be available in a variety of formats and designed to reach different audiences.

Our Mission: For the first project we worked with our members and volunteers to develop the Autism Bucks Awareness Project; delivering presentations on a range of topics providing new awareness about autism. This current programme is delivered virtually and available to watch here or on our YouTube channel.

The programme format is simple; short sessions on a given topic or theme, presented by experts by experience, each followed by a short Q&A with the presenter

Chat with Pete Wharmby about four key areas of commonality in Autism

What is Autism – Autism Bucks and Paul Isaacs

The first of 12 video sessions about autism and to raise autism awareness. All presenters are experts by experience. In this session “What is autism” Paul Isaacs uses the “fruit salad”.

Autism as a fruit salad with Paul Isaacs

Paul Isaacs talks about the fruit salad of Autism.

Autism & Sensory Issues

Paul Isaacs explains sensory integration and autism.

Autistic Parents and parenting with Georgina Watts

George talks about her experience of being an autistic mum to an autistic child. George is an Autistic self advocate and speaker. Her current work include mentor on Understanding Autism – a free online course.

Paul Isaacs and Autism Bucks Exposure Anxiety

Our next session by Paul Issacs’s on Exposure Anxiety. Unfortunately we forgot to pass record for the first ten minutes.

Awkward Demographic with Kristianne Drake

Kristianne talks about being diagnosed as being autistic at the age of 47. How is gained a diagnoses and what being autistic means to her. “I think being autistic is great” .