Bucks Heroes Project

Bucks Heroes Project wants to collaborate with local communities to celebrate and explore their extraordinary stories and heritage, which are currently under-represented at the Museum.

Bucks Heroes is all about celebrating stories of overcoming

There will be a Bucks Heroes exhibition at Discover Bucks Museum in 2023 celebrating Bucks Heroes

The stories we want to tell are about over-coming in a challenging situation, it could mean maintaining positivity through difficulty or even stepping in to help someone.

Over-coming is a wide subject and tells many stories of our local community groups.

Why are we doing the project?

We want to change attitudes and work practices at Discover Bucks Museum to be more relevant and inclusive to the lives of communities in Bucks today.

What are we trying to build on?

The Museum is already starting to collect objects and stories from communities and this project will allow us to collect more.

What do we want to happen?


  • Feel more welcome
  • Feel included in decision making for the Museum visitor offer
  • Increased numbers visiting the Museum and working actively to participate in heritage
  • Enhanced well being and pride promoting their heritage with representative
  • Inclusive displays and programmes


  • Museum be more representative of different communities
  • Have access to more engaging and relevant events and activities

Volunteers and Staff:

  • Change our traditional museum offer to inclusive and participatory decision making

How might this happen?

  • Increasing the engagement and participation of 5 local communities under-represented in current Museum audiences
  • Collecting and displaying 100 objects from these communities , making the collection a better record of the history of people in Bucks
  • Create the Bucks Heroes exhibition together
  • Co-produced community eventsA new community and learning spaceTell hidden community hero stories

What ways can your group get involved? 

  • Visit the new Museum galleries opening in Spring 2022 – tell us what specific facilities or access requirements you might need be in place
  • Use the Museum spaces indoor or outdoor as a venue for an event for their community
  • Co-curate a specific event for the general public to raise awareness of the community’s needs
  • Volunteer to undertake oral history training and record stories of their community
  • Display your communities work such as art work or craft
  • Tell stories of your communities or your story through a special object and then see the object and stories featured in an exhibition at the Museum
  • Do you have a member of your community who would be interested in volunteering in the Museum to support their career progression or just for fun on the project?
  • Would like to know more about what a Museum is or does?


Please contact Hannah Ellams for more information on


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