Since our last visit to Rogue Leisure for a night of bowling and go-karting in March we’ve been planning a return.   Last night 14 members and 3 trustees enjoyed another action-packed session courtesy of that wonderful charity, Absolutely Together.   Please take the time to visit their website and perhaps make a contribution.

We started with the racing which revealed some … mixed skills.   The fastest track time was Leyton’s (27 secs), and the owner of the slowest track time (80 secs) shall remain anonymous.   The greatest applause goes to our trustee, Paulette Hunn, who took to the track for the first time ever and put in a commendable performance.   The picture of Paulette in her racing gear may well be used in all our promotional literature for Autism Bucks.

We then moved on to bowling and pizzas, with 3 lanes provided for our use.   The “gutter ball fiends” were out in force, but then so too were the “strike masters”.   I don’t think anyone can remember who won but there was a great deal of enthusiasm.

Bowling alleys are not the quietest of environments, and although Rogue Leisure went out of their way to reduce sound levels there was still a great deal of sensory over-stimulation about.   You could see how much pressure this was putting on some of our members, and I remain in awe of the courage they showed in dealing with it.   Everyone stuck it out to the end, using their own individual coping methods.

A final word of thanks must go to The Rothschild Foundation whose generous grant to Autism Bucks helped to make this evening possible.

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Elaine Kaye · 30-Sep-22 at 2:33 am

Was a great evening and I enjoyed it.

    Kendra Mendes · 21-Oct-22 at 7:21 pm

    Thank’s for a great night out.

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