Autism Bucks at Amersham Christmas Market

In December every year Amersham holds its Christmas Market, and for the 3rd year running Autism Bucks turned up with its stand.

This market is hugely successful, even in the sub-zero temperatures we experienced (but fortunately dry). Our stand gives us a clever opportunity to raise money so that everything we do for our members remains free-of-charge.

The concept is brilliant in its simplicity. Laid out on the table are a hundred wine bottles, each carefully wrapped in newspaper. 90% of these are filled with water, but the remaining 10% are the real thing. Punters pay £2-a-go to select a random bottle in the hope that the bottle they unwrap will be wine rather than tap water.

What you can’t see in the pictures is the people working frantically behind the screens to re-wrap water-filled wine bottles so we could keep a hundred bottles on the table at 90-10 split.

This year, as an added incentive, we included 3 bottles of sparkling wine – unbelievably the first person to pay their £2 picked one of these with their very first go.

Four of our trustees were on hand to keep things running, supported by some of our members who were also there to help. We handed out our Autism Bucks-branded pens as part of our ongoing campaign to raise awareness.

And the best news … we took just shy of £600 with no costs! Our best haul ever.

We are eternally grateful to the number of shops and other business who donated wine to our stall (and a number of individuals too). These included:

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