17-Jan-23Chat with Pete Wharmby
As part of the Autism Bucks Awareness Programme we recently recorded a video with Pete Wharmby about four key areas of commonality in Autism. It’s available on our website and here on YouTube: Link . Please take a look
17-Jan-23Vaccinations for COVID-19 Winter Programme 2022-23
The Winter COVID-19 Vaccination programme continues, and BHT are running clinics for those with additional needs. Whether it is for their 1st, 2nd or a booster dose, the team would be happy to see you! For dates and times please check this poster: Link
19-Nov-22Reflection of profound autism.
A reflection on the use of the word “profound in relation to autistic individuals. by autisticrealms.
4-Nov-22Mandatory Training
The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism
Enabling the health and social care workforce to better support people with a learning disability and autistic people.

Oliver’s campaign ®Updated: 1 November 2022
21-Sep-22Annual Reports 2021-22
The Trustees Annual Report and the Financial Examiner’s Report on the Charity for the financial year 2021-22 are available to view here: Link